XLVIII. ID3 Functions


These functions let you read and manipulate ID3 tags. ID3 tags are used in MP3 files to store title of the song, as well as information about the artist, album, genre, year and track number.


No external libraries are needed to build this extension.


id3 is part of PECL and can be installed using the PEAR installer. To compile PHP with id3 support, download the sourcecode, put it in php-src/ext/id3 and compile PHP using --enable-id3.

Runtime Configuration

This extension has no configuration directives defined in php.ini.

Resource Types

This extension has no resource types defined.

Predefined Constants

Most of the id3 functions either let you specify or return a tag version. In order to specify the version please use on of these constants.

ID3_V1_0 (integer)

ID3_V1_0 is used if you are working with ID3 V1.0 tags. These tags may contain the fields title, artist, album, genre, year and comment.

ID3_V1_1 (integer)

ID3_V1_1 is used if you are working with ID3 V1.1 tags. These tags may all information contained in v1.0 tags plus the track number.

ID3_V2 (integer)

ID3_V2 is used if you are working with ID3 V2.x tags. These tags are quite flexible and are currently not supported by the id3 extension.

Table of Contents
id3_get_genre_id -- Get the id for a genre
id3_get_genre_list -- Get all possible genre values
id3_get_genre_name -- Get the name for a genre id
id3_get_tag -- Get all information stored in an ID3 tag
id3_get_version -- Get version of an ID3 tag
id3_remove_tag -- Remove an existing ID3 tag
id3_set_tag -- Update information stored in an ID3 tag